Why does power affect our brain?

So far, we have largely explored how to be a winner; but what happens when we get there? Power affects the way we think, feel and behave; it even fundamentally changes the way our brain works. The main psychological effect of power is that induces an approach motivation, disinhibition and a focus on rewards; while low social status results in an avoidance motivation, inhibition and a focus on threats (see Keltner, Gruenfeld & Anderson, ...

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8 body language secrets for a successful job interview

It is a frustrating time for many workers. Unemployment in the UK has been stagnant since the financial crisis of 2008, fluctuating little from the latest figure of 2.3m. Even the brightest, most diligent graduates often struggle to find a decent job - and this is often compounded by the fact that the best candidate is not always the successful candidate. Frustratingly, one’s performance at interview often seems to have a disproportionate ...

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Have you got a winning personality? Take the test to find out.

At A Winning Personality, our MO is to seek out and curate the most cutting edge, useful research from the behavioural sciences, to help you get the most out of your personality. We thought rather than just blog about it, we'd do something a bit more exciting and interactive - which is why we've designed a personality test on the General Factor of Personality (GFP) that you can take, to identify your natural strengths and explore areas you ...

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Success is where the fear is

Posted on 1 April 2014 by

In the video, internet entrepreneur and public speaker Dean Hunt speaks about the easiest way to succeed. Traditionally the way to success is to work harder, but outworking your competition is not a realistic or healthy strategy. “We are already working hard, and we need a smarter strategy,” he says. “Success lies just outside the comfort zone. It isn't how much work you do that matters, it is how much work you do from outside of your ...

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How gamification changed the game

Posted on 28 March 2014 by

There’s a saying that “to the child with the hammer, the whole world seems like a nail”. For ardent gamers, it does sometimes seem like game dynamics exist everywhere. At work, in commerce, even in relationships, gamers see interactions between “players” furthering and protecting their interests, employing strategies and analysing options to try to outwit “opponents”. Indeed, game theory suggests that much of this game-playing ...

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