We would all like to believe that we communicate our thoughts to others in an understandable manner. We all also know that not everyone is a clear communicator. Being clear-headed makes it much more likely that what we say and what we do will be received in the way in which you intended it.

Your thoughts, your feelings are valuable; transferring them to others in as clear a way as possible can be quite important. The key is being clear-headed.

By clear-headed we mean thinking both logically and coherently. Being clear with yourself and your internal thoughts is the first step in clear communication. Some years ago, I was taught a little practice to make my thoughts and words clearer.

Take any social or political topic. For demonstration purposes, I am going to use something completely non-controversial: the ban on the consumption of blue apples. Non-controversial enough?

Okay, state your feelings about this issue in one simple sentence.

“I oppose the ban on blue apples.”

Clear, I know your position. Now say more.

“I oppose the ban on blue apples; they are proven to be nutritious and healthy.”

Again, clear. But another person, who agrees with you said:

“There they go again, trying to take away our rights, it’s the same old thing all over again.”

Now, I think this person is against the ban on blue apples, but they didn’t address the issue. They did make some vague point about some ‘they’ people out there attacking our rights again. But what about the blue apples?

The point is, we almost always have an opportunity to refine our thoughts by considering, in private, how we feel and how we wish to express ourselves. Being clear-headed is often a matter or quiet consideration and rehearsal.

We all have that jumble of thoughts in our heads sometimes. Meditation teachers call it ‘monkey mind.’ Our thoughts and feelings jump all over the place, but we have the ability to calm those thoughts and clear our mind.

Being clear-headed 100% of the time is not possible, not if you’re really paying attention to what goes on in the world. Life can be complicated, confusing and confrontational. But a slow, steady practice of taking the time to reflect and organize our thoughts leads to a clear-headed approach to the world and clear communication of our true feelings to others.

Was I clear?



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