If you’ve never heard of EVE Online, here’s why you should start paying attention.


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Piracy, deception, espionage, cold-blooded murder, months of planning to carry out the perfect heist… In EVE Online these are everyday activities for players and very real dangers anyone could be victim of.  

In order to survive, beat your enemies and win battles, a successful player needs to strategise and use different tactics. Here is where applying tips from psychology of winning could be really helpful. Firstly, knowing your personality traits helps you to use your strengths better and work around your weaknesses, by involving other players, who are strong where you are not. Secondly, if you want to be a bold player, it is good to learn how to take calculated risks. Thirdly, it is useful to know how to overcome and learn from your failures.

All this will help a player to survive as the creators of EVE Online, Iceland based CCP, actively encourage its players to be as devious as possible. The infographic above shows some of the events that offer an insight into the world of EVE Online.


EVE Online players are encouraged to be as devious as possible.


In simplest terms EVE Online is an MMORPG (Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game) about space. Set in the far future where humans have colonised distant stars, daily life revolves around piloting a vast array of craft, from tiny fighters, through mining vessels and battle-cruisers, to the mega-city sized Titans that are the centre of fleets of players that can wreak devastation on an epic scale.

Some people have found EVE daunting because it offers so much. Looking at the whole, it can be hard to see where to start. In truth few try to do it all. Everything in the game has associated skills that can be trained so most players specialise in a single aspect.

For the more tactically-minded players, the greatest glory is the chance to command a fleet into combat; to see the battlefield from an Admiral’s viewpoint, trying to move and countermove your opponent. Some compare this level of play to games like Starcraft, where resources have to be managed and units used in just the right way at just the right time to seal victory or prevent disaster – in EVE every unit you command is a real person and every kill a real victim.


Wars last months, even years.


EVE requires self-awareness and mental toughness, but even for players who have gotten to grips with it, it is still a game of both skill and chance. The best pilot has the day they push their luck with a hive of drones, or warp into the middle of a hostile fleet. But for those willing to take the risk there is money to be made.

EVEs robust economy means ISK has real world value that can be traded in the form of PLEX. Codes for game time that can be purchased with PLEX then traded for real money. EVE is subscription based but some players haven’t needed to pay in years, able to generate enough in-game currency to fund their own playtime and make a little something on the side.

Many have tried to copy the success of EVE. None have yet succeeded.

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