14 facts you need to remember about Sochi 2014


The 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, one of the most controversial event in Olympic history, is about to end this Sunday. We can’t overlook Russia’s policy on gay rights, widespread allegations over corruption in the provision of services and facilities and the killing of stray dogs in Sochi. These are the things that the whole world is concerned about, but there is so much more to the Games.

The Olympic spirit represents all that is true, good, and beautiful. It brings people together in friendship to win, fail, succeed, risk and celebrate. Soon the controversies of the Sochi games will be documented. However, the interesting facts and amazing tales will be remembered and talked about for a long time.

Here is an infographic with 14 facts to remember about the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi:

  1. 22nd Winter Olympics
  2. 123 days, 65K km and 10,000 torchbearers
  3. 122,000 Gold Medal Prize
  4. 17 days of competition
  5. 12 new events
  6. 7 debutant nations
  7. 13,000 press members attending
  8. 98 total events, 15 sports disciplines
  9. The most expensive games ever held – 51bn $
  10.  64 days’ worth of coverage by NBC
  11.  6000 athletes
  12.  90 nations competing
  13.  120K seating capacity
  14.  98 sets of medals



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